Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tyson & Angela Engagement Photos

Love is always inspiring to me.
And this couple is no exception!

Tyson proposed to Angela on Valentine's Day in San Simeon, California (cue the awww).
He presented her with a ring that was his great grandmother's engagement ring!

I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with them, photographing their engagement photos.
It is pretty obvious that these two are just smitten with each other!
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San Luis Obispo is a beautiful place with picturesque spots around every corner.
So it was easy to find the perfect spot for the couple to have an intimate picnic!

Music is a big part of this couple's life.
Tyson has been playing the violin for over 25 years and Angela plays the piano and tinkers around on the guitar. So it was only natural that instruments were a part of their engagement shoot.

Tyson and Angela are a fun loving couple...
So of course, some jump shots were in order!

Cheersing to their future together...
While I was shooting away, they were clinking their Pelegrino 
to the things they were excited about in their future.

Tyson requested a photo where it appeared they were
"on the road to their future together"!
Don't you love it when the groom gets as excited as the bride?!!

I have failed to mention what made this shoot extremely special to me...
And that is that Tyson is my big brother.
And Angela, already a good friend, is my future sister-in-law!

So capturing their love was that much more special for me!

Congratulations, Tyson and Angela!
I can't wait for your wedding.
And I can't wait to see how you continue to grow and love together.
And the babies... oh your babies are going to be gorgeous!!!


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  1. Congrats! Always keep these moments in your hearts going forward and remember the passion that was there so that you may keep it alive and you will have a sucessful, rich, life together.