Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Koethers *sneak peak*

I photographed a super sweet family on Sunday.
I have known Lisa for a couple of years and the first time I met her kids, they were really little and adorable.
Well, they aren't as little anymore but they are still gorgeous kids!

Here is just a tiny sneak peak from the shoot...
Holly and her big brother Aaron!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

before and afters & design sponge

I am so inspired by before and after furniture projects.
I did one a year or so ago and I have to admit that it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted and I didn't really finish it completely, and I might end up re-doing it...

But currently I have a couple of pieces, a desk and a hexagon side table, that could be really beautiful if I re-did them. Both were found on the side of the road, so free, and with a some paint could be looking pretty hip!

I am a huge fan of Design Sponge and it is filled with inspiring before and afters.
The following images are ones that I might use as inspiration for my own re-dos.

The first one is a dresser, but I love the paint colors and way it is painted, and I think my little desk would be so cute like this!

Sooo cute, right?

I love this second before and after. When I got my hexagon side table (similar look to this one below), I thought "This would make the cutest cat house! I could totally pimp it out!". I ended up not doing that, and currently it houses my Wii accessories.
But then I saw this before and after and it sparked my desire to re-do it.
I wouldn't do it in this color scheme, but it is still a good jumping off point!

My cats would love a cat-cave like this!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A few more from Halloween...

Again, this party had a great theme, cool costumed people, fun dancing music, and was just a good time...
Here are more photos from the night...
Sweaty dance floor... Hard for a jar of peanut butter and a jelly fish to dance in!

What did I tell you?
These Stabbies go all out for their Halloween parties!!

Olive, pre-party...
She really wanted to dress up as a jelly fish...

And finally...
Our costumes.
I bring you *drumroll please*.....

Peanut Butter and Jelly (fish!)

Anyone who knows Adam knows he is pretty addicted to Peanut Butter...
Especially Adam's Peanut Butter...
I think he makes a pretty good (and adorable) peanut butter jar!

My costume was a jelly fish...
It was pretty cool... LED lights made my tentacles glow.
But carrying around the umbrella was not ideal for a party.
Now I know.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

halloween 2010

I had another fun and costume filled Halloween this year by going to the Establishment's annual bash. These guys really go all out and this year was no exception with a Dr. Seuss theme.
From giant characters to oddly slanted floors in the bathroom, the theme set the scene for a great night.

And the costumes seen at the party were great... Some people really go all out with home made costumes. And sometimes the best costume is just a really cleverly achieved idea. Anyways, I love it all.

Here are just a few photos from the night...

Loved this owl!


lego Indiana Jones!

And my favorite costume (besides Adam's) of the night:
The kid from UP.
He was so nice and funny.
But a couple of his balloons got popped in a giant cactus!

I will post some photos of Adam and my costumes later this week!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday's *A week of Photos* from my walk to work

I missed *a week in photos* last week.

This week I am posting just one photo.
The photo quality is not the best, as I used my iPhone (as per usual)
and had to zoom in so that I didn't scare this guy away...

This guy was REALLY proud of the giant nut that he had found.
He stood on the fence with it in his mouth for a good while, taking side glances at me,
as I tried to get closer. Eventually he flew off, with the nut in his mouth.
I hope he shared it with his bird wife and children. :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

PS22 Chorus

The other day I stumbled on a link for a PS22 Chorus video.
And I found myself watching video after video of these AMAZING 5th Graders and their teacher, Mr. B, from Staten Island's Public School 22.

To say I am inspired by these kids and this teacher is an understatement.
I got tears in my eyes more than once while watching their videos.
What Mr. B does every year with the school's 5th graders is so spectacular and it really makes me want to make a difference in others' lives.

They sing popular songs from artists Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Owl City, Journey, Coldplay, Bjork, Jay-Z, Matisyahu, and so many more!

But enough from me.
Please check their videos out.
They have many videos on YouTube and they are always adding new ones.
Check out the videos I have posted and definitely go to their YouTube channel: agreggofsociety and see more!

Here is PS22 Chorus doing Bjork:

And PS22 Chorus doing MGMT:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

glass bottles!

I wish this was my windowsill... (as seen on You Are My Fave)
I have a fun collection of glass pieces and could totally pull this off.
But Olive and Brooklyn would knock them down as fast as I put them up, I'm afraid!

I am pretty obsessed with glass containers... uniquely shaped or just cute.
And fortunately for me, my boyfriend was able to find a bunch of really neat old chemistry bottles and others (don't worry- they are washed) to add to my growing collection!

Simple and beautiful, from Design Sponge.

This was a simple way to use a couple of my own bottles for a
centerpiecefor my dear friend Jenny's going away dinner.

These, as seen on Little Bird Secrets is such a cute way of storing
glitter for the craftsters out there!

This was our display outside of my store a couple of months ago...
The bottles were from my collection, filled with rice and beans,
and then the paper flowers (from Mexico) stuck perfectly inside. I loved the result!

This is a little stark white for me, but I love the look of using all
different glass bottles as vases, from Design Sponge.

Even regular ol' brown beer bottles can be so cute! (Design Sponge)

This image just has all kinds of different glass pieces...beautiful!
It's not considered hoarding if it's beautiful, right?

And finally I present MY collection (or part of it, anyways!) :

It is high up on a shelf above a window that the cats can't get to.
Knock on wood that there isn't an earthquake to knock them all down!

Monday, October 18, 2010

reinventing school portraits

When I have kids, I sure hope that Stomping Grounds does their school portraits!
These are so fun and show a kid's personality so much better than the standard school portrait.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday's *a week of strolling to work in photos*!

Here is the second installment of Friday's *a week of strolling to work in photos*!

Look down

Look up

Garlic! at farmer's

The scene of my accident!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

a different kind of inspiration...

So I think almost all of the times that I am inspired, it is by something beautiful, colorful, tasty, comfortable, and just in general POSITIVE.
Well this week I was inspired by not-so-positive events.

I was hit by a car on my bike on Tuesday on my way back to work from lunch at home.
I walked away with bad scrapes on my knee, elbow, and hand and a lot of "what ifs" running in my head, but THAT'S IT.
And man, I feel so so so so so so lucky.
For. Real.

So what inspiration did I get from this accident?
1. To wear a helmet ALL of the time.
It is only a short 5 blocks from my house to work and I usually do not wear a helmet. And I was not wearing a helmet on Tuesday. This fact makes me feel even double lucky that I didn't get injured worse.

2. To ride my bike more carefully ALL of the time.
Often times I am just on auto pilot. After all, I do this "commute" several times daily.
But I am going to be more aware of everything on my rides from now on.
Not to say that the accident was my fault, but if I would have been paying more attention would I have not gotten side swiped by the car? Possibly.

3. To drive my car more carefully ALL of the time.
I am definitely guilty of being in a rush (for no reason) or just impatient on the road.
And it is just not necessary.
Since Tuesday I have walked to/from work every day and I watch people just not paying attention as they are driving. It is pretty amazing that there are not more accidents!

Before I get off my soap box, I want to ask that everyone thinks about these things and implement them in their lives if they can.
Because an accident happens so fast.
And much of the time they can be prevented.
So, please wear your helmet, ride aware, drive aware, and slow down.

Monday, October 11, 2010

a hand-made Christmas (using the supplies I currently own)

It's going to be (another) hand-made Christmas.

I know it's only October.
But it's October 11.
And it seems like just yesterday it was August.

I always make gifts during the holiday season- not ALL of the gifts I give are hand made, but I try to make a lot.
This year is no different.
BUT there is a new rule to the production.

I am using material and supplies that I ALREADY OWN.
I have an obsession for fabric. And yarn. And beads & charms. And paper.
Really the list could go on and on.
My point is that I have a lot of supplies for making many awesome gifts.
And for the sake of saving money and clearing out my dresser (I have 3 large dresser drawers full of fabric!), that is exactly what I am doing!

And, since I can not post something on here without an image, here is a video of my sweet cats (Olive and Brooklyn) playing with a q-tip. (And for those of you wondering- no I did not eat a box of butter... that is the cat's box... they love it)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Maru the Cat....

If you are like me, and find animals adorable and hilarious, then you should know about Maru, the cat.
He is an internet superstar with lots of high traffic videos...
This is just one.
And I will post more. But do look at his youtube page.
He's on Mugumogu's channel.
He is just so darn cute and funny!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday's *a week of strolling to work in photos*!

So, as mentioned in my last post, I am finding myself taking lots of photos with my iPhone on my walks to work (and back home for lunch, back to work after lunch, and then back home after work). It's a whole 5-6 block walk, but there are many different ways that I can go and I see different things each time that inspire me.

Starting today, Friday's *A week of strolling to work in photos* is implemented.

So here we go, for this past week!

"Spend time with the ones you love"
How cute is that??? It's a big clock in front of the court house.
(click on photo to see it bigger)

the sweet Fremont... I remember seeing Fantasia at that theater with Mary when we were kids... The inside of the theater is more beautiful than that outside!


steps. post rain.


I love the imprints from the leaves!
(ps. my feet don't really look all splotchy like that!)