Monday, February 13, 2012

Brittany & Jacob: portraits part 1

I enjoy a fun wedding party... And this group was definitely a fun one!

GIANT wedding party.
But fun!
And what a back drop!

Got the girls to jump!

Of course the guys wanted to jump too...

Up next...
The beautiful images of Brittany and Jacob!
Keep your eye out!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Brittany & Jacob: details and ceremony

Meet Jacob and Brittany!
Aren't they so sweet?
This photo was taken right after their "first look"...

They were both a lot of fun to work with and photograph.

The wedding was full of DIY projects including origami heart table cards, a photo album guest book,  their table numbers and table chart (written on a window pane! Love!), and they wrote their own vows in small books... So sweet.

LOVE this last one!
There were so many more to share of this fun couple's wedding day...
So stay tuned!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Brittany & Jacob Post 1 : I'm a sucker for ring shots!

I had the great joy of being a part of the wedding day of Brittany and Jacob. This post (and future posts for this wedding day) are WAY overdue... as this wedding was at the end of September! 
But I really want to share their day with you all!

I'm starting it off slow with photos of Brittany and Jacob's wedding day with some shots of... their rings!
ok ok, overkill possibly... but I am a sucker for ring shots and their rings were not only beautiful, but there were so many possibilities for their ring photos. 

So, without any more introduction... some ring photos from Brittany and Jacob's wedding!
Stay tuned for future posts on this beautiful day, as well as more about this sweet couple!

LOVE all of the details that Brittany & Jacob worked into their day as well as their use of color!

Friday, February 3, 2012

The things you can find at Ross: Hobby Lobby Edition!

During a recent visit to Montana, I stopped by an *AMAZING* store called Hobby Lobby. It is a cross between Michael's, Joanne's, and... Ross.
It's nicknacks and figurine section is truly a sight to see. I really wish I had take more time to take photos of some of the truly awesome things you can buy there.
But I do have just a few...

I mean really... who DOESN'T a "BUBBA" decorative sign made out of fake antlers?

And to go with Bubba's sign, how about some shotgun shell lights to... brighten the room up a bit?

Oh but we can't forget about the rooster collectors of the world....

Rest assured... Hobby Lobby has LOTS to choose from...

This guy sure is regal!

"Who you lookin' at?"

So there you go...
Hobby Lobby is clearly not just a place for craft supplies.
And the next time I find myself nearby one of these awesome stores, 
I will be sure to do a better job of taking photos of its amazing offerings.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Playing Catchup on the Blog...

SO much to blog about!
So I am making a plan of future blog postings for myself!
And some will be going back to the fall, but that's ok!

Over the next couple of weeks, please keep an eye out for:

The stuff you can find at Ross: HOBBY LOBBY edition!

The stuff you can find at Ross: Regular edition.
Photos from Christmas (Really, Sarah? Oh yes- really) (A couple DIY gifts, wrapping, cards)
Cats Helping with Homework.
Cake Pops!

Ok, that is a good enough list to start out with!
I hope you come back and check them out.

Friday, January 27, 2012

A new photo documentary: Cats Helping With Homework!

I am ending my hiatus from slo inspired with a post that involves my newfound life as a full time graduate student and my cats.

Lately, my to-do lists are consumed with homework, papers, research, and reading.
And lucky (and sometimes unlucky because they are very distracting) I have my two loving kitties to keep me company.

Brooklyn loves to place himself right in the middle of the action... In front of my computer, on top of important papers, etc. It's appropriate that Brooky is my main study buddy, since one of my nicknames for him is Buddy!

Since I love taking photos of my cats, it's only natural that this occurred.

So I give you the first installment of:
Cats Helping With Homework!

"Why don't you take a break from working on the laptop and pet me instead?"

"Oh, am I blocking the computer screen?"

"Oh, did you need these books and papers?"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Toy Stories

Wow has it really been nearly a whole month since my last post??? That's just ridiculous.
But there's reason for it, including a bachelor/bachelorette party, my brother's wedding, a new beau, and just fun stuff in-between. I WILL blog some of it... when I have time to sit in front of my computer to edit photos!


Clever people inspire me.
Today I bring you the art of Aled Lewis.
Jason, if you're reading this, I thought of you when I saw this work. :)

(I first saw this on DesignMom)

Learn more about the artist, and buy prints HERE!