Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ginkgo Leaves

I am completely inspired by ginkgo leaves.
Maybe that's odd, but I just love their shape.
Somehow they are whimsical and just different from the rest.

A photo of a ginkgo branch in San Francisco, that I took earlier this year:

A fossil of a ginkgo leaf!
How cool is that?!!

According to Wikipedia's page on the ginkgo leaf:
The Ginkgo is a living fossil, with fossils recognisably related to modern Ginkgo date back 270 million years


THIS beautiful necklace is from i like you as a friend Jewelry
Fortunately for me, my good friend Cristalle is the designer and maker of this pendant!
And I got one for my birthday.
And I <3 it so much!

I have LOVED these mobiles since the first time I saw them:
The mobile is made by Moon-Lily and sold for $236 by Hanging Mobile Gallery (and others).
I love it sooo much. And if it was half the price or if I was RICH, I'd think about getting it.
Until then, I will admire from afar!

I am a big fan of Queen Bee Creations
So much that I have several of their bags.
On a trip to Portland, OR last summer, I had to stop at their studio (all of their products are made in their Portland studio!) I knew that I should not get another bag so I made myself a deal:
I would only get a bag if they had one with a ginkgo leaf on it.
And guess what? 
They did:
The leaf is from a tree in SF....
But the bag was a sample from their studio and I love it!

More photos that I took of SF's ginkgo trees!

I have lots of dried ginkgo leaves...
big ones
and a bunch of tiny ones
Leaves from Berkley, SF, SLO, and Oregon!
Is that weird?
I think not.

Now I know that Ginkgo Trees apparently smell... badly.
But I have not had that experience yet.
So until then, ignorance is bliss!

Nature is an easy place to be inspired!

Friday, June 24, 2011

I've got the golden ticket!

You know what I find incredibly inspiring??

Knowing, that in a few short months, I will be on an airplane to New York City for an 8 day trip!!!

I have been living back in California for nearly 3 years and this will be my first trip back.
(Wow, really??? 3 years? Holy crap it doesn't feel like that long!)

I am going to celebrate my besties getting married... Chris and Cristalle are getting married in a beautiful spot in the Catskills... or somewhere near there.
(I wonder if there are still lots of cats with mad skillz living in those mountains, or if they have all moved to the city)

So I am usually super indecisive when buying airfare. But I saw an amazing deal and went for it.
And I am so freaking excited!

Besides the wedding (which I am proudly a bridesmaid in), I am looking forward to:

Seeing my friends! Including Lori, Jim, Jen, and others! 
& meeting Jolie!
Being in the city with several of my best girls from college.
Seeing my water towers
Wandering the streets
Staying in my old charming apartment in Astoria
Meeting Gary!
Shooting the city with my new(ish) gear
Shopping at Kate's, BI, H&M
Eating dumplings, bacon wrapped hotdogs, thai, and other delicious food at its best!
Seeing people of all shapes, colors, and types
Seeing my hasidic jewish buddies
Looking UP
Oh man.
October isn't going to come fast enough!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Live Oak Post 5: Briana hoopin' it up!

One of my favorite things about Live Oak was meeting all sorts of amazing and inspiring people.
Briana is one of those people!

She had a booth next to ours, teaching people how to hoop 
and selling her own handmade hoops!

 I put the fisheye to good use, taking some fun photos of Briana and her hoops.

Briana in her formal wear... gloves, jewels, and a tiara!

 Beautiful Briana with a sweet soul!
AND I found out that she is a total cat person!
Briana, you've officially won my heart. :)

Live Oak Post 4: These festival goers got style!

The Live Oak Music Festival draws a wide range of attendees...
kids, hippies, musicians, hipsters, teens, older folk, and everything in-between

Here are some of the audience from this year...

This couple was probably my singular favorite couple of people...
They were so sweet and funny, and dressed the part of a Live Oak Festival goer!

Jams take place nearly everywhere and anywhere!

When I asked this man what his costume was about, 
he sort of looked at me with a "huh? What costume?" expression. :)

The beautiful Breanna hooping in her formal wear...
Check back later for more shots of her!

My favorite couple again!

 This woman was channeling Pippi Longstocking

Glowsticks were everywhere!

This girl is absolutely beautiful. Pretty sure she would look so in just about anything!

Ryan Johnson, of Alabaster stone, looking a little batty...

And some of my favorite kids...
The boy in the red shirt (dangit I forget his name!) was my buddy, 
visiting me at the humanKind booth often and even bringing me icecream!

This volunteer decided to get a little fresh with her duties...

One of our camp neighbors, Amy...
I could have done a whole blog post based on Amy's outfits, 
as she had about 3 costume changes a day. :)

Peace in Pink!

I <3 you, or at least your sunglasses!

I saw this guy from afar (he was bright!) but was working so I couldn't run after him.
Luckily I saw him later in the day and was able to snap a quick photo.

Face painting isn't only for kids!
This guy's tongue kept throwing me off!

Ben, on the right, can be found around downtown SLO with his rad black bass...

There was so much more fun fashion and style going on,
but my photo taking was limited due to me actually being on the clock the whole weekend.

Live Oak Post 3 : Alabaster Stone

Music inspires me so incredibly much.
And this is especially true when it's my family and friends playing.

I've been fans of Alabaster Stone since I first saw them play at the Clubhouse, a while back.
At the time, and up until just recently, 
Alabaster Stone consisted of Ryan Johnson and Michele Kubacki.
Singing original music as well as covers, they are always a fun time.

And then there was their performance at Stage Too at Live Oak...
And they blew everyone away!

Adding 3 more players to the group, their sound filled the oak grove and got people dancing!

Ryan Johnson on vocals and acoustic guitar

Michele Kubacki on vocals, acoustic guitar, and banjo

Robby Hart on electric guitar

Tasha Powers on stand up bass and Brian Monzel on the drums

Grant Leonard doing some hoop dance

Thanks for the music, friends!
Alabaster Stone plays around SLO county...
Keep your eye out for them and if you are in the mood for some fun music, check them out!