Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Live Oak Post 1: Mark Wilder : Juggler & Entertainer Extraordinaire!

Live Oak Music Festival Post 1
(Live Oak isn't only music...)

I am inspired by laughter... And by anyone who easily make others laugh. hard.

One of the highlights (of many, I must admit)
of the weekend was seeing Mark Wilder perform.

Mark is a SLO county resident and is amazingly entertaining and hilarious!
(not to mention good looking too!)

(click on photos to enlarge)

Meet: Mark Wilder!

Mark warming up before his big show.

Mark's hat comes in handy as a fun prop!

Mark's performance at the Hot Licks Stage drew a large crowd of kids and adults.
Here he is getting to know some of the younger audience.

Of course, like any good juggling act, there was the required audience participation.

And juggling a bowling ball, a flaming torch,
and a pin while standing on a folding chair (which proved to be difficult for Mark).

What you missed here was the other side of this sign, which said "Volunteer"
Until the little girl came on stage, then it was human sacrifice.

And what act isn't complete with some side kicks...
Adam Duncan and Tyler Niday did an excellent job filling those shoes!

The crowd grew more and more as laughter filled out of the stage area.

Getting pumped up...

There were wardrobe changes...

And break dancing...

And 6 and 7 foot unicycles...

The kids really wanted to participate in the show.

The grand finale:
Juggling, on a unicycle, UNDER WATER!
(now an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records*)


So basically I was sort of cranky when I went to the show.
But I genuinely laughed so hard and left the show with a big grin on my face.

Mark is available, as he stated at his show, for: birthday parties,
weddings, bachelorette parties, sorority slumber parties...

His info:
(530) 902-3293 http://wilderjuggler.com/ or find him on Facebook

And he can be seen performing all over the central coast.
So if you get the chance to watch him, do it.
I promise you will thoroughly enjoy yourself!

(And as a side note, I do not know Mark personally, and my putting his info
on slo inspired is purely based on the fact that I as thoroughly entertained by his act!)

*Only for pretend...

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