Thursday, June 23, 2011

Live Oak Post 3 : Alabaster Stone

Music inspires me so incredibly much.
And this is especially true when it's my family and friends playing.

I've been fans of Alabaster Stone since I first saw them play at the Clubhouse, a while back.
At the time, and up until just recently, 
Alabaster Stone consisted of Ryan Johnson and Michele Kubacki.
Singing original music as well as covers, they are always a fun time.

And then there was their performance at Stage Too at Live Oak...
And they blew everyone away!

Adding 3 more players to the group, their sound filled the oak grove and got people dancing!

Ryan Johnson on vocals and acoustic guitar

Michele Kubacki on vocals, acoustic guitar, and banjo

Robby Hart on electric guitar

Tasha Powers on stand up bass and Brian Monzel on the drums

Grant Leonard doing some hoop dance

Thanks for the music, friends!
Alabaster Stone plays around SLO county...
Keep your eye out for them and if you are in the mood for some fun music, check them out!

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  1. oh i think i did see these! SO fun!!! the colors are super cool!