Friday, June 24, 2011

I've got the golden ticket!

You know what I find incredibly inspiring??

Knowing, that in a few short months, I will be on an airplane to New York City for an 8 day trip!!!

I have been living back in California for nearly 3 years and this will be my first trip back.
(Wow, really??? 3 years? Holy crap it doesn't feel like that long!)

I am going to celebrate my besties getting married... Chris and Cristalle are getting married in a beautiful spot in the Catskills... or somewhere near there.
(I wonder if there are still lots of cats with mad skillz living in those mountains, or if they have all moved to the city)

So I am usually super indecisive when buying airfare. But I saw an amazing deal and went for it.
And I am so freaking excited!

Besides the wedding (which I am proudly a bridesmaid in), I am looking forward to:

Seeing my friends! Including Lori, Jim, Jen, and others! 
& meeting Jolie!
Being in the city with several of my best girls from college.
Seeing my water towers
Wandering the streets
Staying in my old charming apartment in Astoria
Meeting Gary!
Shooting the city with my new(ish) gear
Shopping at Kate's, BI, H&M
Eating dumplings, bacon wrapped hotdogs, thai, and other delicious food at its best!
Seeing people of all shapes, colors, and types
Seeing my hasidic jewish buddies
Looking UP
Oh man.
October isn't going to come fast enough!!!

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