Thursday, June 23, 2011

Live Oak Post 4: These festival goers got style!

The Live Oak Music Festival draws a wide range of attendees...
kids, hippies, musicians, hipsters, teens, older folk, and everything in-between

Here are some of the audience from this year...

This couple was probably my singular favorite couple of people...
They were so sweet and funny, and dressed the part of a Live Oak Festival goer!

Jams take place nearly everywhere and anywhere!

When I asked this man what his costume was about, 
he sort of looked at me with a "huh? What costume?" expression. :)

The beautiful Breanna hooping in her formal wear...
Check back later for more shots of her!

My favorite couple again!

 This woman was channeling Pippi Longstocking

Glowsticks were everywhere!

This girl is absolutely beautiful. Pretty sure she would look so in just about anything!

Ryan Johnson, of Alabaster stone, looking a little batty...

And some of my favorite kids...
The boy in the red shirt (dangit I forget his name!) was my buddy, 
visiting me at the humanKind booth often and even bringing me icecream!

This volunteer decided to get a little fresh with her duties...

One of our camp neighbors, Amy...
I could have done a whole blog post based on Amy's outfits, 
as she had about 3 costume changes a day. :)

Peace in Pink!

I <3 you, or at least your sunglasses!

I saw this guy from afar (he was bright!) but was working so I couldn't run after him.
Luckily I saw him later in the day and was able to snap a quick photo.

Face painting isn't only for kids!
This guy's tongue kept throwing me off!

Ben, on the right, can be found around downtown SLO with his rad black bass...

There was so much more fun fashion and style going on,
but my photo taking was limited due to me actually being on the clock the whole weekend.

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