Friday, January 27, 2012

A new photo documentary: Cats Helping With Homework!

I am ending my hiatus from slo inspired with a post that involves my newfound life as a full time graduate student and my cats.

Lately, my to-do lists are consumed with homework, papers, research, and reading.
And lucky (and sometimes unlucky because they are very distracting) I have my two loving kitties to keep me company.

Brooklyn loves to place himself right in the middle of the action... In front of my computer, on top of important papers, etc. It's appropriate that Brooky is my main study buddy, since one of my nicknames for him is Buddy!

Since I love taking photos of my cats, it's only natural that this occurred.

So I give you the first installment of:
Cats Helping With Homework!

"Why don't you take a break from working on the laptop and pet me instead?"

"Oh, am I blocking the computer screen?"

"Oh, did you need these books and papers?"