Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday's *a week of strolling to work in photos*!

So, as mentioned in my last post, I am finding myself taking lots of photos with my iPhone on my walks to work (and back home for lunch, back to work after lunch, and then back home after work). It's a whole 5-6 block walk, but there are many different ways that I can go and I see different things each time that inspire me.

Starting today, Friday's *A week of strolling to work in photos* is implemented.

So here we go, for this past week!

"Spend time with the ones you love"
How cute is that??? It's a big clock in front of the court house.
(click on photo to see it bigger)

the sweet Fremont... I remember seeing Fantasia at that theater with Mary when we were kids... The inside of the theater is more beautiful than that outside!


steps. post rain.


I love the imprints from the leaves!
(ps. my feet don't really look all splotchy like that!)

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  1. Lovely photos, Sarah! I remember watching Fantasia with you in the Freemont...such a beautiful theater with so much character! :-)