Tuesday, October 5, 2010

San Luis Obispo's BOX ART

San Luis Obispo is a really great place to live... it is beautiful, has (most of the time) amazing weather, it is close enough to both the bay area and LA, most residents are super friendly, and lots of other stuff as well.

We were written up in last week's "Parade" magazine as "Happy Town, USA"... See article here (it is actually pretty neat facts/notes about this town!):

All of these things have contributed to my own quality of life increasing, leading to a happier me!

BUT... The town, at times, seems to be growing into a direction that I do not appreciate... bigger stores coming in, less character down town, more corporate, and as a result SLO is turning into more of a SoCal town than I would like.

So as I am starting to get down on this town that I really do love, something like this happens...

Public Art.

"Box Art"
The goal of this project, put on by the SLO Downtown Association, was to use utility boxes as "canvases" for local artist's original artwork.
The results are really cool!!! There were 16 boxes painted, all over down town. Here are photos of just 3 of the boxes, a few of my favorites (and honestly, the ones that are on my walk to work!).

This one is one of my favorites- it is of Bishops Peak, one of the mountains that surround SLO.
If I had taken a wider shot of the area, you would see Bishops Peak towering above in the background.

On the day that the artists started painting, (which was during the heat wave and got up to 109 degrees!) the artist who painted this one started painting in a glittery evening gown.

This one is just plain beautiful.

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