Monday, October 11, 2010

a hand-made Christmas (using the supplies I currently own)

It's going to be (another) hand-made Christmas.

I know it's only October.
But it's October 11.
And it seems like just yesterday it was August.

I always make gifts during the holiday season- not ALL of the gifts I give are hand made, but I try to make a lot.
This year is no different.
BUT there is a new rule to the production.

I am using material and supplies that I ALREADY OWN.
I have an obsession for fabric. And yarn. And beads & charms. And paper.
Really the list could go on and on.
My point is that I have a lot of supplies for making many awesome gifts.
And for the sake of saving money and clearing out my dresser (I have 3 large dresser drawers full of fabric!), that is exactly what I am doing!

And, since I can not post something on here without an image, here is a video of my sweet cats (Olive and Brooklyn) playing with a q-tip. (And for those of you wondering- no I did not eat a box of butter... that is the cat's box... they love it)

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