Thursday, October 21, 2010

glass bottles!

I wish this was my windowsill... (as seen on You Are My Fave)
I have a fun collection of glass pieces and could totally pull this off.
But Olive and Brooklyn would knock them down as fast as I put them up, I'm afraid!

I am pretty obsessed with glass containers... uniquely shaped or just cute.
And fortunately for me, my boyfriend was able to find a bunch of really neat old chemistry bottles and others (don't worry- they are washed) to add to my growing collection!

Simple and beautiful, from Design Sponge.

This was a simple way to use a couple of my own bottles for a
centerpiecefor my dear friend Jenny's going away dinner.

These, as seen on Little Bird Secrets is such a cute way of storing
glitter for the craftsters out there!

This was our display outside of my store a couple of months ago...
The bottles were from my collection, filled with rice and beans,
and then the paper flowers (from Mexico) stuck perfectly inside. I loved the result!

This is a little stark white for me, but I love the look of using all
different glass bottles as vases, from Design Sponge.

Even regular ol' brown beer bottles can be so cute! (Design Sponge)

This image just has all kinds of different glass pieces...beautiful!
It's not considered hoarding if it's beautiful, right?

And finally I present MY collection (or part of it, anyways!) :

It is high up on a shelf above a window that the cats can't get to.
Knock on wood that there isn't an earthquake to knock them all down!

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