Friday, July 15, 2011

Jacob's 1st Birthday

It was Jacob's 1st birthday on the 4th of July this year.
This little firecracker had a great day, filled with friends, family, presents, 3 outfit changes, and CAKE!

Isn't he fun?!
And he's smiling like this almost all of the time... such a cutie!

(click on photo to view larger)
At first, Jacob was not so sure about his cupcake...
He seemed puzzled when everyone stood around him and sang.
And even more so with the frosting on this thing that sat in front of him.
But all it took was one index finger.
Dipping into the cupcake.
And he was sold...

And he loved that cupcake!
Not only that, but he enjoyed eating this cupcake with all of his 
favorite people surrounding him watching... He put on a show. 

Eating fistfuls at a time, Jacob's cupcake did not stand a chance!

Everyone, including Mom & Dad enjoyed watching Jacob go to town on that cupcake.

 After he was done, it was time for Dad to give him a bath...

Which he loved!
(Sorry Jacob- these are "those" photos, which Mom will bring out one day to embarrass you with)

 Jacob got some fun presents... Like this interactive dog book.

And this fun ride-on car...

Jacob had fun with his grandma, grandpa, oma, and opa!

Jacob's version of crawling can be silly at times...

Jacob and his Dad!

 Jacob and his Mom!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!
Can't wait to watch you grow up!

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  1. Sarah, this photo montage is so super cute! Thank you for posting this and for taking such great pictures!! :) What a fun day. It was so great to have you there as our photographer and more importantly as our friend. Love you girl! :) xoxo