Monday, January 24, 2011


Ok, Let's talk New Year's RESOLUTIONS...
We are more than 3 weeks into January, that's the first 3 weeks of making steps towards fulfilling your New Year's Resolution. And while it is not that much time, it is a very important part of the resolutions, in my opinion, as it sets the tone for the rest of the month/months/year.

I have 3 New Year's Resolutions this year:
1. Have MORE dinner parties!
2. See the people I want to see!
3. Run a 5k and 10k (at least one of each).

So here we are, 3 weeks into it, and I have to say - I feel GREAT about all three of my resolutions so far. It makes it easier considering that they are fun things to do (well 1 and 2 especially) and the first two also go hand in hand.

#s 1 and 2 are sort of simple things that I always find myself saying to myself... "I want to have more dinner parties" and "Man I need to hang out with so-and-so"...
Or when I run into a friend that I have not seen in a while, I say "We really DO need to hang out soon!". And that can go on for months or even years without result. And I don't like that.
So I am making the extra effort to make and keep plans. To build and strengthen friendships, which is so important to me.

I love dinner parties. For many reasons. 1, if it is at my house, it forces me to have a nice and clean apartment and encourages me to do updating on my decorating etc if I have been wanting to. 2, I love conversation with multiple people in a calm, fun, and inviting setting. It is fun to see where conversation goes when there are many people involved. 3, obviously, I like food and a lot of times you make/eat food that you might not normally for yourself or party of 2. So far I have had one dinner party at my house and have gone to another at a friend's house. Plus, and I don't know if this counts, my boyfriend had a potluck/bbq this past weekend.
For 3+ weeks, I'd say that is an excellent start!
And they have all been so fun!

So that leaves #3: Running a 5k and 10k.
When I am in the habit of running, I really enjoy it. But I fell (HARD) out of running daily and it has been a challenge getting back into the swing of things.
But I am doing it. And I feel great! And every day that I get up to run makes it easier to get up earlier the next day and so on.
I am not nearly at the point that I was a year or so ago, when I was running regularly. And the getting out of my warm bed to run part is still a challenge. But I will get there!
I am planning on doing an easy 5k at the Strawberry Festival in May. And then possibly Bay to Breakers or Rock to Pier... Not sure yet.
Anyways, I feel great about running right now and that makes me so so happy! :)

So there you have it- my personal success resolution story for the first 3 weeks of January.
And I hope I will have the same excitement and success in 3/6/9 months out!

So how about YOU? Are you taking your resolution(s) seriously or not?

And, because I just can't post without a photo, here is one I took with my iPhone yesterday on a walk!

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