Saturday, February 5, 2011

The things you can find at ROSS (dress for less!)

Remember the old commercials?
"Do you love it?" "I love it!" "I got it at Ross!"

Yes, there are (ridiculously cheap) great finds at Ross when you search... And I am always proud of these (often times rare) finds, especially when someone comments that they like it.
But among these finds are some others that are, well, pretty terrible.

I wander through Ross from time to time and always find myself gawking at the strange items
Now I am no fashionista... But I do enjoy good design of any sort.
Here are some of the not-so-great "what were the designers of this item thinking" items that I found at Ross in the last week...

Even if this bag was my style (which it isn't),
I think I would constantly get those chains tangled in... everything!

Glitz and glamor gecko, anyone?
(For those of you who love the design but not the gecko, have no fear- there was a myriad of different animals in this same fashion)

No Comment.

For the punk rock princess in all of us...
Maybe these are for SOMEone, but not me.
(They are much much more glittery in person!)

Thanks for viewing...
I know this will become a semi-regular thing because I just love seeing all the crazy things for sale at Ross!

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  1. This is great! I can't wait to see more of these kinds of posts! I miss you.