Monday, February 21, 2011

Orcutt Road Photoshoot Fun!

This weekend, I went on a photo drive through the hills near San Luis Obispo, with my friend Anna. Orcutt Road is beautiful as it goes through vineyards, farms, and rolling hills. When we saw somewhere we wanted to stop, we would (including parking in front of a sign that specifically said "NO PARKING ANY TIME" (what rebels we were!)).
It was great setting out with three goals:
1. to witness this beautiful place.
2. hang out with an inspirational friend.
3. to take photos!
It was easy to do all.
Here are some of my favorite shots...
And what do you think about my finally using Picasa to collage my photos?
(Thanks iartu's Jen for the tip!)
(You can make them bigger by clicking on them)

Brussels and reflections.

More reflections, vineyards, and grain!

One of my favorite shots of the day.

Beautiful skies.

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  1. yay collages!!! these are great sarah. i'm especially in love with the last set of images. beauty exudes!