Friday, February 11, 2011

Andrew Bird live in Santa Cruz

Do you know Andrew Bird's music?

This is not a great photo - just from my phone...

If you don't know about him, you might want to give him a listen.

I saw him play a couple of weekends ago. And to make it even better, I saw him in my beloved Santa Cruz in a cool old movie theater. I was so excited for the show and really had no idea what was in store for me.

Simply put, he blew me away:

The video isn't the best, again filmed on my phone.
And I didn't start recording early enough and stupidly stopped recording too early.
But I think the sound is great.
And I really wanted to be PRESENT at the concert and not worry about holding my phone still.
Isn't he the best whistler ever?!

He is the most beautiful one man band that I have ever heard...

For those who are not familiar with him, he loops his music...
Starting with a guitar "bass" line then adding a guitar melody. Then playing something on the violin.
And finally, after he has all of this layered how he wants, he goes in with his voice and whistling and more violin. And between there maybe playing a line or two on his glockenspiel.
And this is all live on stage.
I know there are those who may knock looping- but Andrew Bird does it in the most beautiful way.
To me, he is charming and dorky, funny and romantic. It doesn't seem like he combs his hair so much and he took his shoes off on stage after his warm up.
And he is truly so inspiring to me.

Coincidentally, he started playing the violin around the same age that I did (4-5) and learned by the Suzuki method, the same way that I did.
So I feel like we have a special connection in that way.
Of course I quit playing the violin seriously when i was 17 and he is still playing today. But still.

I really recommend you give him a listen if you have not done so already. I will even help you out by sending you a mixed tape (cd) of some of my favorite songs.

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