Sunday, March 27, 2011

happy birthday to me!

It was my birthday on the 26th...
And I had a really great day!
It started out with breakfast at one of my favorite coffee shops, Sally Loo's, with a good friend...
Then a 2.5 hour yoga session followed by a glass of wine and bowl of soup with my mom!

For dinner, I met up with my brothers and sisters-in-law
(solve this one for me: sisters-in-law or sister-in-laws ???)

Grant, me, Tyson, Angela, Sharai!

We had dinner at The Ranch in Santa Margarita.
Have ya been?
It is really good. Probably one of the best restaurants in SLO county.

muscles, wine, conversation, photo taking, fun

My brothers with their mini glasses...
They are giants (if it wasn't clear).

Creme Brulee!

Beautiful Angela!

After dinner, we went to the new Galaxy Theater in Atascadero...

pretty fancy!

Champage at the VIP theater.
And the movie, Limitless, was good.
Seats were roomy and comfy.
Oh and assigned seating...
Overall a great movie experience!

And a really great birthday.

Thank you to all who contributed with calls, texts, fb messages, cards, packages, etc etc etc!
I really appreciate it- this year probably more than others!

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