Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I love animals.
And that includes dogs.
Particularly boxers.
They're beautiful, cute, fun, funny, sweet, playful...
My brother had a white boxer, Monty, who was such a goof ball.

On my weekend in San Francisco I met a couple of boxers.
And a hilarious golden-doodle.
This cute pup was hanging out outside of La Boulange in Noe Valley.
*note the "dog parking" sign

He seemed a bit concerned about being left outside by himself.
But super cute nonetheless!

Next, at Dolores Park, my friend Radha and I came upon these two new friends:
A brindle boxer and a golden doodle puppy.

The golden doodle puppy cracked me up.
He was goofy and clumsy and just plain silly.

And he was having such a fun time racing around the park.

He makes me giggle.

Can't you just picture his thoughts?
"oh boy oh boy I'm having so much fun!"

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