Thursday, May 26, 2011

shoes inspire me!

I am not usually a "typical" girly girl...
Except when it comes to shoes.
I love shoes. They really do inspire me, as cheesy as that might sound.

I gawk at other people's shoes- cute or not.
These shoes (and legs) belong to my friends... Aren't they cute?!

I can't help but to walk through the shoe department in stores, if not just to gaze at the colors and textures.
Sometimes to stare in amazement that, not only did someone actually design some of the shoes but that someone might actually buy them!
(Case and point)

And then...

And then I find a pair.
On sale.
In my size.
That feel pretty good on.
And I fall in love.
Or lust.
I got these in seafoam.
I am pretty obsessed with this color right now.
And the heal, albeit small, is just about the tallest I go.
Actually, these are the most high heals that I have ever had...
which is laughable since they really are not high at all. But just perfect for me!

Hooray for new shoes!

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