Monday, May 9, 2011

a very busy weekend!

I had a very busy weekend...
It started out with my CSET Math & Science test at 7:15am on Saturday.
And it ended with photo editing photos of local band, Tropo, on Sunday evening at 11pm!

In-between, some pretty great things happened too!

After my CSET, Adam surprised me with a belated birthday!

Complete with a cupcake cake (!) with beeswax birthday candles that Adam made.
For the record, and for new readers, yes Adam is my ex-boyfriend.
And no, we are not back together. We are friends. And that works well for us, thanks!

After my surprise belated birthday, I tried out Bikram Yoga for the first time.
No photos of that... And I did enjoy it, though I'm not going to trade in my flow yoga at
The Yoga Centre for Bikram.

After yoga, Adam and I continued the belated birthday party with a sushi dinner in honor of Adam's March birthday.

Goshi Sushi is easily San Luis Obispo county's best sushi restaurant.
And it, conveniently, is right next to the Bikram studio.

Because it was Adam's birthday dinner, we got a pomegranate & peach icee to start...
Followed by Black Cod (my god have you had this before???? It is soooooo good)
and a shared sushi dinner. It is amazing how much better GOOD sushi is from mediocre!

In celebration of Mother's Day, my brother Tyson, mom Kate, Billy, and I
went on a hike in Atascadero on Sunday morning.
This is my home town and it was fun seeing Atascadero from the top of Pine Mountain
It is a really green and lush town!
Here are photos from the hike:
(These were all taken with my iPhone, so they are so-so)
If you look really closely, you MIGHT be able to see the house
I grew up in way out in the distance...

You can't tell, but the left photo of Tyson and Billy is actually of them sitting
in the tree on the right.
Indian Paint Brush...

Purple flowers...
Including a flower that looked like a poppy and "Owl Clover".


Thistle... Who knew the flowers of such a prickly plant would be so pretty!

On Sunday afternoon, I picked some fresh kale from Adam's garden and made Kale Chips!
I forgot to take a photo of the end result... but they were tasty!

When I got home at one point on Sunday, I found my cats like this:
For those of you who have not met them,
Brooklyn (on the top) is about twice as big as Olive (on the bottom)...

And to finish this weekend post, here is a hint for what is to come:
Local band, Tropo, and I spent some time doing a photoshoot here.
Post of that to come so visit again soon!

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  1. you are amazing sarah! really inspired by your weekend--so beautiful. speaking about look so good in that picture with your mom and bro!!! pretty pretty!

    can't wait to hear more details about these events!
    hope you're having a good monday :).