Wednesday, May 4, 2011

San Francisco post 8: Random Leftovers...

Wow... I sure did take a lot of photos over 2 and a half days in San Francisco!
I think these are the last of them...
Random assortment.
I hope you enjoy them!

This photo is for Kat.
I'm pretty sure this is lil Leo hoopin' it up!

Alley ways and shadows...

Chinese food and donuts.
City Smoke & Gifts (where you can get your hip hop clothing).
And a meat shop that has lots of different meats, including goat.

Doors... This is just a partial collection of my SF doorways...
They're so pretty!

I was obsessed with the designs that the bus stops made in different lights.

Pretty sweet bike, if you ask me!

Mexican bakery in the Mission.

I just loved this color coordinated blue mini in front of the blue garage doors.

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