Sunday, April 24, 2011

San Francisco post 1 : El Zocalo

A visit to San Francisco means good friends, good food, and good fun.

So to start, with my recent weekend in San Francisco, I want to focus on El Zocalo, an El Salvadorian restaurant in the Mission.

Susan took me there, promising me yummy and cheap food including Pupusas!

$1.90/each! And so yummy!

Our choices, including Revuelta Original Pupusas, Positas (sp?), tostada, rice&beans.

Sweet and beautiful Susan!

How amazing are all the plates of pupusas?!!

This place was no glitz or glam.
Was a hole in the wall.
But in my experience, this type of restaurant makes the best food.
And El Zocalo was no exception!

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